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Cyberspace Sombra Machine Pistol

I started working on my first piece for a genderbend version of Cyberspace Sombra from Overwatch, her Machine Pistol. Originally I wanted to create the prop entirely out of foam but ultimately went with a 3D print. This was the first time working with 3D prints so I didn't where to start.

I came across Obsydiann Props on Facebook and contacted her about purchasing her 3D file. She also recommended her friend, Jason, to have the model printed-- since I don't have my own 3D printer.

Sombra Machine Pistol 3D Model by Obsydiann Props

After receiving the pistol, I spent a great deal of time sanding each individual piece to minimize the appearance of the print lines (a. great. deal. of. time.-- most of it in between Overwatch ques).

Here's a list of what I used to assemble the gun:

(Brand name isn't important, as long as it gets the job done. I just wanted to be specific on what worked for me.)

I started by super gluing all the pieces together. Make sure you double check what pieces go where and which order. I can't stress that enough! Once you glue the pieces together it's permanent. Example, the trigger fits into the trigger guard and then onto the bottom of the gun. You don't want to glue the guard in without the trigger piece.

After putting all the pieces together there was a large gap where the large parts came together in the body of the gun, so I used spot putty to fill in the seams and sanded it down to where you can't see where the pieces joined. I used the needle files to file down small detailed areas I couldn't get into with just sandpaper.

Once I was satisfied with the pistol, I used filler primer. Filler primer will actually emphasize more imperfections and show you what areas need more filling and sanding. I ended up repeating the filling and sanding another 2-3 more times.

You can see the print lines up close. Repeat filling and sanding until you are happy with the surface. Pro-tip: use the tears of your frustration to help the sandpaper glide smoothly over the surface. (Note: I actually didn't do the clip portion because I wanted to recreate one with foam, black worbla, and LEDs-- so I can make it light up.)

After spot filling and filler/primer I hand painted a base coat of paint. Sombra's gun isn't completely stark white, so I used Americana acrylic paint in "Light Buttermilk"-- which was an off white color.

I used a combination of dry brushing and my airbrush machine to get the weathering effect. To get the not-so new look great technique is to apply black wash and wipe away the wash with a cloth. For my black wash I use water down black acrylic paint (approximately one part paint to three parts water). You want some of the wash to get trapped in the crevasses of the gun. This makes it look like dirt or grime got stuck in it. I also use a cotton swab dipped in silver paint and run that along the edges of the gun in certain places to get scraps in.

Finished the SMG off by painting the clip in the same manner and then adding the pipes and cables. The pipes and cables were made from rolled black worbla scraps.

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